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PRICE LIST - August 2017

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    Retail (£)  
W1 Sapperton Single Arm Rectangular Base Wall Light 172.00
W2 Sapperton Double Arm Rectangular Base Wall Light 216.00
RW1 Rodmarton Single Arm Round Base Wall Light 172.00
RW2 Rodmarton Double Arm Round Base Wall Light 216.00
CL1 River Farm Ceiling-mounted Lantern 560.00
CL2 River Farm Small Ceiling-mounted Lantern 560.00
WL1 River Farm Wall-mounted Lantern 560.00
CE5 Quenby Five Branch Chandelier * 816.00
Link Hook Options
CE7 Quenby Seven Branch Chandelier * 936.00
Link Hook Options
CE9 Quenby Nine Branch Chandelier * 1056.00
Link Hook Options
ELH Additional Link Hooks Each Each 70.00
Additional Link Hooks
TL1 Brampton Bedside/Table Lamp (swivel) 708.00
RL1 Brampton Library Reading Lamp (Floor-standing, swivel) 780.00
CC5 Paperhouse Five Branch Candelabra † 618.00
CC7 Paperhouse Seven Branch Candelabra † 708.00
CLH1 Candelabra Link Hook (10cm long) Each 70.00
CLH2 Candelabra Link Hook (31cm long) Each 70.00
EL1 Tetbury Entrance Wall-mounted Lantern 828.00
PL1 Parchment Lampshade 10cm diam. Each 26.00
PL2 Parchment Lampshade 35cm diam. Each 52.00
  * (Supplied complete with ceiling hook plate ECP, and 2 No. ELH1 61cm long, OR 1 No. 61cm and 1 No. ELH2 30.5cm link hooks - to suit overall drop required)

† (Supplied complete with ceiling hook plate
CCP, 3 No. 31cm long link hooks CLH2 and 2 No. 10cm long link hooks CLH1)

All light fittings supplied fully wired and complete with clear candle lamps. TL1 and RL1 complete with 13A plug fitted.

Candles and lampshades are not included, but parchment lampshades can be supplied as follows:
10cm diam £26.00 (PL1)
35cm diam. £52.00 (PL2)


Purchase Value

Up to £500 Over £500
UK Mainland - inc. VAT £36.00 £66.00
Europe and Ireland - inc. VAT £60.00 £80.00
Other Destinations P.O.A. P.O.A.

Note: Carriage charges may be subject to review without advance notice.

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